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Foreign exchange manager strategy:Waitable money will win

It takes several months for wheat, corn, etc. to grow and mature, and it takes ten months for life to be conceived and born. It also takes time to form a market trend. Similarly, a successful investment trading process also takes a long time from opening a position to harvesting profits. Making big money depends on big trends. Big trends are waiting for them, not created. Only funds that can wait, know how to wait, and are good at waiting will win.
When there is no market trend or opportunity, do not hold any positions and waiting. When the market opportunity comes, after building the bottom position and building the top position, it is need to wait for floating losses. When there are floating profits or big profits, hold the position with confidence and waiting. During the retracement process and profit backing, it is need to endure the pain and torture of holding positions and waiting.
Waiting for good investment opportunities instead of frequent tradings is the magic weapon for successful investment. Short-term trading will never succeed. This is also the biggest secret deliberately concealed by the investment market propaganda: short-term trading is advocated.
Even the accumulation of investment and trading skills and experience of retail investors is a long process from knowing nothing, to knowing a bit, to knowing a little, to knowing a lot, to being rich in experience, to reaching the peak. It may take 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years. maybe 20 years, is a time period that ordinary people cannot wait for. Many traders have left the investment and trading market early before they can wait for the moment when technical experience reaches its peak.

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