Accept global MAM & PAMM accounts entrusted trading!

Account starts:Official at $500,000, trial at $50,000!

Profits shared half & losses shared quarter!

Accept global MAM & PAMM accounts entrusted trading!

manager ZXN
I am Z-X-N. In 2000, I established a factory in Guangzhou to manufacture bottle caps closures products and bottle cap moulds molds for export worldwide | |. In 2006, I entrusted internationally renowned banks with the hard-earned money I earned from opening a factory for investment, but the losses were huge. Affected by this incident, I spent 10 years studying foreign exchange investment trading methods and finally understood the investment matters! Currently, I mainly engage in foreign exchange trading and long-term investments in London, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.
I specialize in English and website programming, and have achieved great success in operating factories with the advantages of website promotion and website search. After investing in foreign exchange investment, I utilized the advantages of programming to test all MT4 indicators. By using network search technology, I have browsed all the websites of major banks around the world and relevant information on foreign exchange investment tradings. I have found that there are only two useful indicators in trading: the moving average and the candlesticks. There are no more than four useful methods in trading: buy stop, buy limit, sell stop, sell limit.
After nearly 20 years of foreign exchange investment, I have found that a favorable long-term investment strategy is to use a arbitrage (carry trading) strategy when the interest rate difference between currencies is wide. When the currency price is at a historical top or bottom, a large fund position strategy of catch the top or bottom is used. In currency crises or news hype, the reverse principle is used: reverse entry, swing trading, or long-term positions holding methods are used to obtain huge profits.
The huge advantage of foreign currency investment is that if you don't use high leverage, you can only use low leverage or no leverage. Even if you miss your step, or take a wrong view, you won't lose a lot. Prices will come back sooner or later, and losses will turn into profits. Because the currencies of most countries around the world will return in value.

Vision for website content display:
1)Share my forex & currency experience with those in need.
2)Accept global MAM & PAMM accounts entrusted trading.
3)Account starts:Official at $500,000, trial at $50,000.
4)Profits shared half & losses shared quarter.

Accept global MAM & PAMM accounts entrusted trading |

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